What is Vegan High Fives?

Welcome to Vegan High Fives: A non-judgy, non-pretentious home for vegans, vegetarians and the vegan-curious.

Have your friends ever caught you staring a little too long in the dairy-free milk aisle, wondering how exactly one milks an almond?

Have you frantically cleared your search history of questions like “What is nutritional yeast?” before your partner borrows your laptop?

Have you accidentally ordered something with no meat or dairy — but instead of sending it back with disgust, you realized you actually…kind of liked it??

Then you might just be vegan-curious.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s help for you.

Welcome to Vegan High Fives: A site for vegans, vegetarians, and the vegan-curious. This blog aims to make eating plant-based a little less intimidating and a little more fun. We aren’t here to point fingers, shame, or judge, even if you’re not a ‘perfect vegan’, whatever that means. At Vegan High Fives, our philosophy is “do what you can”. It’s okay to start small! It’s okay to not be perfect! And it’s okay if you think tofu is gross or don’t know how to pronounce ‘quinoa’. Take a deep breath. We’re here to help.

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